21/11/2014 NAGOYA Battery (Truck Advertisement)
6/11/2014 AURORA Battery (Truck Advertisement)
1/11/2014 Man Tak Retreading Tire X Supercool Truck Advertisment
26/10/2014 Alfa Day
21/10/2014 Continental X Alfa Romeo
22/9/2014 ContiPremiumContact 5 Launch Hong Kong
18/9/2014 Infinity Tires participated in the 12TH China International Tire Expo 2014
20/8/2014 Continental tires was the partner of "Mercedes Benz Driving Event - The new GLA"
14/8/2014 Infinity Tires participated in the The 3rd Latin American & Caribbean Tyre Expo
12/8/2014 CONTINENTAL ContiComfortContact 5 Testing Report # HYPERZPPED #76
13/6/2014 Man Tak Tires Retreading Company Limited Opening ceremony
6/6/2014 Continental has pioneered 215/55R17 FIFA World Cup limited edition of the MC5
15/5/2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 is getting closer! Enjoy with Continental now !
8/5/2014 Continental Tires Facebook X 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil Reward!
4/5/2014 Continental Tires has sponsored a set of 215/45R/17 tires for Mark X club
16/4/2014 Further Autos (The 2nd store) grand opening in Macau
3/4/2014 FIFA World Cup 2014 Mascot - Fuleco has already reached our dealer shop
30/3/2014 Sponsor of MX5 Club de Roadster Hong Kong Anniversary 2014
27/3/2014 The World Cup 2014 FIFA a limited edition of MC5
5/3/2014 LingLong Thai Tire Plant Launching Ceremony-LingLong Partners Day 2014
13/2/2014 Glorious Tires X BB CLUB campaign
19/12/2013 For the supporting of 2014 World Cup, Continental cooperation with the FIFA World Cup
19/12/2013 Option Magnificent VIP Style x AME WHeels
23/11/2013 One of the most comfortable ContiMAXContact MC5 green tyre
8/8/2013 C63 AMG Black Edition X HRE S107
13/1/2013 The debut of New Tire in Hong Kong for Sports Car Drivers- ContiForce Contact
23/11/2012 Grand opening of Tai Tak Hong, Continental Tires First CCS shop in Hong Kong
12/6/2012 HRE Taipei Showroom
25/5/2012 HRE Wheels | Introducing the all-new RX43
24/5/2012 New leftlet
4/5/2012 ContiSportContact™5 & ContiSportContact™5P Poster
21/4/2012 Seminar for Hong Kong and Macau Dealer Shops
18/2/2012 Grand opening of Shing Tak Tyre (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd - Continental First CCS shop in Yuen Long
5/9/2011 Continental Launched in ShenZhen
25/6/2011 Continental launches in Guangzhou
12/11/2010 Continental Tires Anti-Parallel Import Label