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Shing Tak began as a tyre retail shop located in Hong Kong. After years of continuous development, in addition to strengthening the local retail business, Shing Tak has expanded its business areas, including but not limited to becoming the sole distributor of international tyre and battery brands, global trading businesses, fleet tyre management services and also franchising. 


Shing Tak Tyre Company (the former name of Shing Tak Tyre Polytechnic Co., Ltd.) was established in 1989. In these 31 years of history, Shing Tak currently has over 100 employees with 11 retail branches in Hong Kong, becoming one of the largest local tyre retail chain store . The retail business mainly includes services such as tyre change and repair, battery and lubricants replacement.

Expand and Diversify

Shing Tak's continuous development is a result of high-quality products, professionalism and serving with sincere. Acknowledging the needs of our customers and bringing the products and services to them are the fundamentals that can earn the trust of our customers.

For more than three decades, the scale of our business has continued to expand steadily. By widening our business scope, we became a diversified organisation that share the same values across different businesses including retail, distribution, wholesale, franchising, fleet tyre management, road rescue and worldwide trading.


Think Ahead 

We always like to think ahead. As the market changes rapidly, it is crucial to identify and adapt to market trends, explore new business opportunities and bring fresh elements into the field. Shing Tak is one of the pioneers to introduce mobile fitting services, and franchise model to the tyre industry in Hong Kong. 


In this digitalised generation, combining business with technology has become a fundamental part of businesses. Shing Tak has always been learning and implementing new technologies into our businesses in different sections to strengthen market competitiveness and achieve sustainable development.




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