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Hankook Tire is actively embracing the global stage. With constant technological development and commitment to innovation, we are taking a leap to become a leading global tire company that provides sustainable solutions to deliver ultimate driving satisfaction to all customers.

Driving Emotion

Driving Emotion

Driving Emotion is an expression that is very close to heart for all of us at Hankook Tire. It embodies everything that the company is about and elaborately depicts what a driver deserves: dynamic range of emotions that enable drivers to enjoy driving.

An Experience beyond Mobility

At Hankook Tire, our aim is to create a universal moment when the car and driver become one. Good tires provide safety and driving comfort, and even take into consideration the driver's habits and personality. This driving enjoyment derives from advanced technology and is the focal point of the satisfaction we deliver to all drivers.


A Spirit of Technology and Innovation

There is solid technological prowess behind what powers Driving Emotion. Ahead of any new development project, Hankook Tire thoroughly analyzes consumer research and extracts useful data to develop tires which satisfy the diverse needs of drivers and a broad range of driving styles. The driver is always our top priority and this enables us to always be a step ahead with our technology roadmap, making true Driving Emotion possible.


A Commitment for Driving Culture

A safe and enjoyable driving experience is every driver's expectation and is Hankook Tire’s foremost challenge. From tire design engineers to marketing professionals, everyone at Hankook Tire is focused on enhancing the relationship between tires and the driving experience to maximize the feel and excitement of Driving Emotion globally.

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