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Continental MC6 Official Launch

On November 05, 2017, We released the new sixth-generation product MaxContact ™ MC6 of Continental Tires at Hong Kong Golf & Tennis Academy, we invitied our group of dealers and experts to learn about the latest products.

MaxContact™ MC6 is the scccessor of Max Contact 5,which greatly improves sports and handling performance, and brings excellent road feedback with strong grip.

Our company is honoured to invite the representatives of Continental Tires to explain the features and performance of MC6.

Continental Tires has been well received by the market since the successful launch of its UC6 ​​and CC6 products. This time MC6 will create a highly stable and safe driving experience for consumers in the Asia Pacific region.

MaxContact MC6

  • Reduced braking distance in wet and dry conditions

  • Superior sporty handling and direct feedback from the road

  • Perfect combination of good mileage and low noise for everyday driving


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