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【Continental Generation 6 Launch Event in Hong Kong】

Entering 2017, as the performance of the car and the requirements of the driver's driving experience have greatly improved, the design and performance of the tire must also be strengthened to keep up with the development of the times. Continental Tires has always been famous for its German technology, and has accumulated more than 130 years of tire knowledge and experience, becoming a world-renowned top tire manufacturer. In order to cooperate with the sixth generation of new products, the Continental Tires also lived up to expectations, invested more than 100 technical developers, research and development time more than 30,000 hours, with more than 10,000 kilometers of real-world vehicle test and 40,000 hours of indoor Test, bring out 4 brand new and high quality tire products for everyone. The number of inches is from 14 to 22 inches, ensuring that it can meet the needs of users.

Glorious Tires has officially introduced the sixth-generation tires to Hong Kong and Macau, and held a tire conference at the W Hotel on April 30 to introduce products to experts. At the press conference, Mr. Chan Po Shing, the managing director of Glorious Tires Co, Ltd., shared the journey of acting as the distributor of Continental Tires . From the beginning, most owners had little knowledge of Continental Tires . Until recently, many Continental Tires have been seen on the market. At present, there are more than 30 Continental Tires image shops in Hong Kong, which proves that their brand's recognition is getting higher and higher.

At the same time, Ms. Eryn Lee Voon Feei , the Asia-Pacific regional manager of Continental Tires , also thanked the dealers for their support and trust, and also promised that the manufacturers would invest more resources in the Asian market. Continental Tires will build a third factory in Asia in Thailand. It is expected to officially start production in 2019 with a total investment of about 250 million euros. The new plant will soon increase the production of passenger car and light truck tires to 4 million tires per year, which is sufficient to supply the Thai and Asia Pacific markets. In 2016, Continental Tires sales in the Asia Pacific region increased by 15%. Eryn also mentioned that most people underestimate the importance of tires. It is not difficult to find that the tire is the only bridge that can connect the car with the road. A high-quality tire can bring a safer driving experience to the user. This has always been the development direction of the Continental Tires , in order to manufacture the highest quality and safe tires.

On the night of the press conference, Mr. Zeng Zhiwei, the product training manager of the Continental Tires , also introduced different tire test sections to introduce the performance and characteristics of the four tires in a lively question-and-answer manner.

CC6 & UC6-Exclusive products for the Asia Pacific market

Among the four tires, CC6 (Comfort Contact 6) & UC6 (Ultra Contact 6) are products that manufacturers have developed for the Asia-Pacific market. Comfort and silence are the biggest features of the CC6. What's special is that the innovative technology-a sound-absorbing cabin is added to the tires, and the "Helholtz resonator" principle is used to eliminate uncomfortable audio. The polymer in the CC6 formula contains a special softener, which can effectively adapt to the road surface, fill the unevenness of the road surface, reduce vibration, not only reduce tire noise, but also improve overall driving comfort. CC6 is available in 14 to 15 inch diameters.

The performance of UC6 is its biggest feature on average. The more special diamond cut pattern can prevent the block from curling when braking, so that the pressure of the tire contacting the ground is evenly distributed, effectively increasing the area of ​​contact with the ground, thereby achieving shorter wet and dry conditions. Ground braking distance. UC6's high-speed backflow tank can effectively speed up drainage, increase wet grip, and greatly improve driving safety. UC6 has a variety of models from 16 to 18 inches, suitable for a wide range of models.

PC6 & SC6-German technology, made in Europe

PC6 (Premium Contact 6) is tailor-made for various sedan models, and its performance is inferior to the previous generation (CSC5). PC6 uses Safety Silica Compounds, which allows tires to maintain the best braking performance when passing through wetlands, not only taking into account safety performance, but also greatly improving mileage. In addition, PC6's comfortable and optimized tread design, in daily use, can achieve better durability no matter what type of vehicle. The first launch of the PC6 market has attracted the attention of European media and has been highly praised by many magazines. It has also reached a high level of performance in various tests. Swedish magazine Vi Bilägare rated the PC6 as the best-performing tire with "short braking distance, excellent handling in wet and dry land, and strong grip".

SC6 (Sport Contact 6) is an advanced product of CSC5P, which is specially designed for high-performance vehicles. The SC6 uses carefully developed Aralon350 ™ material technology to accelerate vehicles to 350 kilometers per hour under safe conditions. SC6's modified inner and outer tread patterns ensure optimal steering accuracy and support lateral deformation when cornering. Advanced Macro Block Design technology maintains safe and stable handling in any operation. The rigid tread pattern in the center and the asymmetrical longitudinal grooves make the overall stability even higher.


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