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ContiPremiumContact 5 Conference

Continental had held their very first conference about ContiPremiumContact 5 with Glorious Tires in Hong Kong W HOTEL on 22 September 2014.

We are honor to invite the vice president of sales and marketing ( Asia Regional ) – DR.DALIBOR KALINA , Regional Sales Director – Mr. Choong Kee Seng , Marketing Manager – of Continental Tires and also the Managing Director of Glorious Tires – Mr. Chan Po Shing to presided a simple and grand lighting ceremony.

At the press conference, Dr Kalina thanked the Hong Kong dealer support, so that the Continental tires sold for light truck and cars in Hong Kong, compared with last year, we expecting the growth rate will reach 50%, Continental is one of four major tire manufacturers in the world, as well as auto parts suppliers and industrial partners, business throughout the world.

In 2013 has recorded more than 330 million euros of turnover, with a very vigorous development in China and the Asia Pacific region . Continental is having five powerful business, in addition to the tire sector, there are other four departments, namely Chassis & Safety Systems Division, Powertrain Division, Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Science and Innovation Conti Tech.

Each department has its own focus and character, providing a better driving experience for car owners around the world. More than 140 years, Continental had accumulated a lot of experience, establishment of high-end brand image, which has become the leading of automotive suppliers in the world .We had invited a lot of Hong Kong and Macau dealers to come over and most of them they think this is a high class and brand new experience for them.


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