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Our products speak for themselves!Continental Tyres win multiple industry awards

Relying on innovative technology and excellent quality, Continental tires have won industry awards, and they have topped the overseas evaluation list of authoritative media twice.

In the two rounds of large-scale overseas tires organized by AutoBild, the largest circulation in Europe, Continental UltraContact UC6 and MaxContactTM MC6 both topped the group in their respective groups, both achieving the first overall score. Excellent results.

Tian Jingran, a well-known media person and executive editor of "Car Illustrated Magazine" believes: "Overseas tests are particularly harsh on the overall performance of tires. We have selected strong players from major brands. The two products of Continental being able to stand out in the two reviews also fully demonstrated its leading core technology and balanced comprehensive comprehensive strength.

"Continental UltraContact UC6:

• "Auto Bild" first place in overseas tire test in 2017

• "Car Family" "2017 China Annual Safety Tire Award"


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