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PremiumContact 6 from Continental scoops two internationally renowned design prizes

Continental summer tire for mid-range and luxury-class cars wins IF Design Award 2017 and red dot design award 2017 Hanover, July 12, 2017. The new PremiumContact 6 summer tire for mid-range and luxury-class cars has received two internationally renowned design awards. The juries of both the IF Design Award 2017 and the red dot design award 2017 recognized the Continental tire for its particularly attractive design. Continental tire designer Ulrich Behr, who was involved in developing the new tire, said, “Of course, we’re extremely pleased about both these awards. Your first thought when considering modern tire design is usually directed at the tread pattern. This is a very important aspect, given that it has to meet the ever-increasing expectations of a tire’s safety, handling and comfort characteristics. But the sidewall design also has an important part to play. Not only does it carry the information that the consumer needs, most of which is required by law, but through its design language it also helps to give the tire its own identity, which in turn must align with the family look of the various product lines.” The two design awards are among the world’s most prestigious industrial design accolades. They specifically reward design qualities that actually benefit the end user. In both cases the award winners are selected by a panel of independent international experts. In terms of its performance characteristics too, the PremiumContact 6 has been making positive headlines from the outset. Among other things, it won AutoBild magazine’s summer tire test with the shortest braking distances on wet and dry roads, coming out ahead of 51 competitors. It was also awarded the title of “Eco-Champion”, underlining the balance between the tire’s safety-related characteristics and its environmental performance, reflected in rolling resistance and mileage at the highest technological level.


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